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What Are We About?

The world can be a dangerous place, especially online.

There are endless scammers who try to con you into handing over your confidential information, logins and passwords, or to steal your money or romance you or sell you fake goods or even appropriate your identity. You need to take precautions online, consider each message or call carefully and not take risks.

The form below lets you choose the nearest description to a scam you know of and then gives you an explanation of how it's done and what you can do.

So, fill in the form and get some answers.

Identify a Scam

Answer the questions below and you will see information and advice identifying the relevant scam and what you can do if you've been a victim of that scam.

Selection Questions

(please select the ONE description that most closely matches the scam)

Q1. You are offered a 'treasure '... - a treasure of some kind such as cash in a box at the airport, gold bars, an unexpected inheritance, or anything similar?
Q2. Dead Person’s Bank Account ... - Have you been approached to take part in a deception over such a bank account? The scammer offers to let you share the money if you pretend to be a relative of the deceased.
Q3. Identity Theft ... - has someone taken out loans in your name or emptied your bank account or taken out store credit cards in your name or is using your identity for other financial benefit?
Q4 You are tricked into creating a new bank account and transferring all of your money to it?
Q5. Have you met someone on a dating web site or APP or similar and they soon claim to be in love despite never having met you?
Q6. Is Bitcoin or any other cyber currency being offered to you for sale or as an investment or to make money on a daily basis?
Q7. Work-At-Home scheme ... - Are you considering a dodgy sounding work at home scheme or have you taken up a work at home scheme only to find you have to pay more than you get back or the job is non-existent or you don’t get paid?
Q8. Have you received phone calls from someone claiming to work for Microsoft or Talk Talk or BT or similar telling you there is a problem with your computer?
Q9. An official call or letter ... - have you received a letter or phone call claiming to be from HMRC or a utility company or the government telling you there is tax to pay or a car parking fine or some unexpected bill to be paid?
Q10. Have you been offered a guaranteed investment of any kind?
Q11. An important message ... - have you received a message claiming to be from an authority or trusted organisation e.g. the local council, a utility company, your broadband supplier, the Police, Tesco etc. telling you either something very good for you (e.g. a special offer) or potentially bad (e.g. you are in debt) and you have to click a link to get further details but you suspect it’s fake and you don’t want to enter your details?
Q12. Have you booked a holiday or travel or a package trip to attend an event and found the tickets didn’t arrive or that they are worthless?
Q13. Have you purchased tickets online to a popular event and found them to be worthless?
Q14. Are you considering applying to be a mystery shopper or a home product tester?
Q15. Have you bought something online and it turned out to be fake or unsafe or never arrived?
Q16. Health Remedies ... - you’ve seen an advert for an amazing new remedy that can cure cancer, cancel tinnitus, make you lose weight without trying, take away any pains, cure diabetes instantly etc. Any wonderful new answer to a major health problem that doesn’t come from medical science?
Q17. Any scam to do with Coronavirus - protective equipment, tests, vaccination etc?
Q18. Any scam to do with National or Local Lotteries
Q19. Is someone you know trying to talk you into joining their sales programme to sell door to door and you're worried it could be a pyramid scheme?
Q20. Any other scam not covered above?

Follow Up

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